Dear Reader or Propesctive Reader,

I have spent my whole life steeped in the trappings of nerd culture. From a very early age I was inundated with comic books, cartoons, video games, and a sensibility that picks apart these things for no good reason. Nerd’s Eye View is a column about the trappings of nerd culture. Topics can vary from comic books to movies to video games and beyond. In this blog I will attempt to explore these topics in such a way that they become accessible for the layman as well as the seasoned nerd. I will attempt to fuse considerate thought with humor to the topics I handle without sacrificing either one for the other.

I appreciate your comments and feedback (as well as your subscriptions!) so please don’t hold back. If any of you want to give me a job that’d be cool by me too (I do have mouths to feed) or just plain old money for no work is good too. I also accept gifts of comic books, video games and diapers.

Be sure to read my other blog Letters to Jeremy at

Thanks for reading!



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