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Time for Pizza Podcast Review

Posted in Uncategorized on October 28, 2011 by Brandon Melendez

What time is it? It’s Time for Pizza, or rather, its time for the Time for Pizza podcast with Scott Fried and Jared Berman. As you know out there, those of you that follow this verbose and sporadic blog, I am a fan of all things nerdy. As it turns out this brand-spanking-new podcast covers just about anything a nerd might care to hear about; wrestling, comics, television series, non-conformist music. The first two episodes of this new podcast series have sent a shudder through the interwebs…at least the ones emanating from my iPhone on my pre-dawn commute from Long Island to Brooklyn.


The hosts, Scott and Jared, are profoundly literate in the world of trivial nerdery, pop culture, and all the things you don’t tell people you like your first day on the job. Listening to their repartee is both welcoming and entertaining—for me I feel as if I’m listening to my high school friends bullshitting in the cafeteria. In fact I might even be inclined to say that I feel related to one of them by marriage. They are just like the guys I based my Nerdcore characters on in my novel Ten Years Gone: Pomp and Circumstance. Actually, they are all those things—but that’s not why I’ve endorsed their podcast. I guarantee you that my bonds with these parties in particular are strong enough that if their podcast sucked I’d write a review about that and link to it so that you could experience the suck for yourself (but it doesn’t hurt that I designed their fancy pants professional looking logo; seen above).


Verily, Scott and Jared are ideal hosts for this kind of format. Their timing as well as their rapport with each other allows for a fluid and natural show that doesn’t feel forced while still being thoroughly planned and outlined. They both have a natural on air presence and Scott, particularly, sounds like an NPR type with a killer humor that, at first, hits newcomers like a ton of bricks. Jared in many ways acts as a foil for the uninformed or lesser-informed listener as he is a moderate comic book nerd, a major underground music head, and something of a slightly informed wrestling outsider. The pair have intersecting interests in many areas but probably none so strong as that as television and movies. They are a perfect storm of balance for the hardcore nerd and the would-be nerd.


The show isn’t bogged down with giving the minute by minute account of the topics at hand but rather with giving the kind of silly, zany, stupidity that can only be borne from intelligence, critical thought, and horrible suppressed trauma. The entertainment value cannot be denied. So now that you’ve provided my blog with a hit go check out the Time for Pizza podcast—its available on iTunes or at this link—and you can check them out on Facebook as well. Get busy!