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Vintage Nerd’s Eye View: Black People in Comics

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The following is a “proto-Nerd’s Eye View”. It was a note I posted in Facebook back in 2009. My punchy prose style ain’t what it should be but I thought that it was good enough to repost without editing. Enjoy


Anyone ever notice how black people in comics can look like anything the artist wants just so long as they meet one or two specific character design points? Case in point Lucas Bishop of the X-men (or formerly of the X-Men if you really want to get into it). Look at these pictures all of the same character.

How is that as long as you have a black guy with an M on eye (and not always the same eye) he’s Bishop? I mean I understand each artist is going to draw a fictional character differently and also that times dictate style but I mean this is a drastic difference. He’s not even the same complexion or build in all these adaptations.

I mean even Storm, while more reasonably different (as not all artists have an equal or even a good ability to render the female form) just really needs to be a buxom black woman with white hair.

It seems to me that this is a step beyond artistic integrity to a level of almost “they all look the same so who cares”. Which is of course true and should also only be applied to fictional asian characters in both comics and movies. On that note….wheres that Guy from Harold and Kumar…can we get him to play Goku, Ho Chi Min, and that asian kid that taught me geometry tricks?