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Dr. Doomberg- The Sovereign Mayor of New York

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With the school system failing, firehouses closing, and the homeless being told to fend for themselves aren’t we all glad the Mayor Mike has had to foresight to make pedestrian plazas, bike lanes, plant one million trees, and build condos for rich folk like himself? Who needs elections when you can just force the poor people to leave town–walking. DOOMBERG HAS SPOKEN.



First reactions to the DC reboot via my Facebook page

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So the news broke yesterday that following this summer’s big Flashpoint event that DC Comics is planning on relaunching its entire line (with some debate around Action Comics and Detective Comics) with new #1’s starting with Justice League. Along with the numbering reboots, there will be some (or many) continuity changes. With scarce and incomplete information who’s to say what is going to happen? There are some concerns among the fanboys I know about who and what is going to go the way of the dodo. This is the thread from my Facebook status update relating to the topic as the news made its way through the interwebs last night. Its all speculation and nerd worry. Lets see what develops over the summer.